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Christopher A. Pinckley (Chris) helps high level Entrepreneurs, CEO’s, and Business Owners to bring their full power to bear amidst the hurricane of activity that they often find themselves immersed within by utilizing ancient mind/body sciences and cutting edge mental/emotional tools. In 2010 he created his breakthrough technique Emotional Integration which creates a profound level of emotional stability for his clients and was subsequently added to his coaching program with powerful results.


Over the past 20 years Chris has created a 6 figure training and coaching business, written and published over 20 books, been featured on dozens of talk shows, been published in numerous magazines including Sedona: Journal of Emergence, coproduced programs like Body Beyond Belief with EFT expert Brad Yates, and created his own talk show Global Entrepreneurs Talk Radio featuring guests like Gregg Braden, Chalene Johnson, and T. Harv Eker.

Chris’ journey began in his 20’s when he identified that there were different parts to his personality that conflicted with what he thought he wanted out of life. “It’s like there was this internal battle; one part of me wanted to establish a business and make a difference, and another part of me just wanted to be a free spirit.” Little did Chris know, but this battle would continue to last into his late 20’s even after he had established his training and coaching business. “So here I am with this amazing business that is starting to do well, and then I’m making these idiot mistakes that are not serving my highest good.”

After years of internal battle, a spiritual journey that led to inner reflection and self discovery, and another move this time to the San Francisco Bay Area, Chris began to know peace for the first time in his life. “I finally started to put all of the pieces of the puzzle together to see a larger picture emerge and this picture became who I am today.”

Who Chris is today is a fully integrated individual in touch with all the facets of his own humanity in mind, body, and spirit. As a result of this full integration Chris has become very passionate about helping other highly driven super achievers to gain that same internal clarity. Chris loves working with people who are ready to take full responsibility for the reality they create and desire to achieve self mastery. “To me there is no more powerful being than the one who has gained the ability to become self-aware.”

The Reality Creation Process

Based upon the popular breakthrough book Reality Creation 101, the Reality Creation Process is designed to help you to achieve nothing less than self mastery. During sessions you will learn mind/body techniques, ancient sciences, and how to integrate suppressed emotional charges from childhood that control your personality.

The first session is the Foundation Session where we map out who you are, your challenges or areas that need development, and plot out a coarse and direction to take that will lead to life changing breakthroughs. This session lasts around an hour and a half in length.

The weekly sessions are shorter at around 45 minutes and are designed to keep you on coarse. The weekly sessions are to keep you mentally clear about your goals and emotionally balanced so that you can achieve them. This is also a time to check-in on assignments given the prior week as well as overall progress in your development.

This first commitment is a 3 month period that demonstrates your resolve to master your ability to consciously create your own reality by taking full responsibility. Afterwards, many clients find it helpful to continue doing ‘the work’ of ultimate empowerment through the Reality Creation Process and continue to gain powerful insight and clarity which leads to a fuller life and a more successful business.

If you are ready to set up a time to have a conversation about the program and get to know each other then please fill in your email below.

With his on-point intuition, down to Earth approach, and caring ability to attend to all of your needs during sessions Chris brings a life of breakthroughs and power revelations about human behavior to his coaching program. If you are ready to discover how much more power you can bring into your business and your life then you may be ready to have ‘the conversation’.

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